February 29, 2020
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furniture for kids

Decorating and choosing the right furniture for the kids’ room is not an easy task. Furnishing this room involves a number of unexpected details you may come across. You need to know more than the basic rules of décor. That is why you need to know these 8 tips before going to the kids/office/kitchen or restaurant furniture company.

1. Choose Functional Things

Fun kids’ furniture is great, but it should be functional too. For example, you can buy a bunk bed. It won’t take up a lot of space and allow you to make it dynamic. Means, you may make a slide. Be sure, your kid will wake up with joy.

2. Remember About Safety

You should pay attention to every detail in choosing furniture for your little one. First of all, it should be made of solid material. This is necessary in order to protect your child from broken glass as much as possible. No less important is to choose the right mechanisms of the drawers and doors. All of them should have soft-close runners. It will prevent your kid’s hand from being pinched.

3. Keep Your Children Out Of Electricity

You should not only close all sockets but also examine the furniture in your room. It does not have to have any connection with electricity. Very often furniture designers use built-in lightning. Of course, it looks great and gives more lightness to the room. But on the other hand, good isolation from children is very important. Bear in mind, wires mounted in children rooms’ furniture may play a bad joke with you.

4. Minimize Sharp Corners

If you choose small furniture for kids, you need to pay attention to the corners. All the pieces of furniture should have rounded angles. If they are sharp, the kid may get hit or scratch on it.

5.    Adjust the Height and Dimension

If you do not know how to pick furniture, then you should pay attention to its dimension and height. For example, if you want to buy the staff for the 5-year-old child, then the height of the shelves should be near the 130cm. Hanging stuff higher may make it difficult for your kid to get there. So, be guided by the parameters of the child and everything will be fine.

6. Remember About Posture and Eyesight

When looking for the best kids table and chairs, you need to pay attention to the desktop. The best kids table is the one that does not harm the health of the child. Keep in mind, the 6-7 years old children should have a 52cm table. The children in the age of 7-8 years – 58cm, and the older students in the age of 9-11 years will study well sitting at the 70cm high table.

7. Choose Certified Furniture

The certificate will ensure that the stuff you buy has all the conditions which are necessary for children. If the furniture is certified, then you may be sure that it is good.

8. Ask the Opinion of Your Kid

It is the last but not the least important tip. If the furniture is not as your child wants, then it’s better for you not to buy it. Well, listen to your kid and make the right choice.