November 19, 2019
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Kitchen accessories

When it comes to Kitchen accessories and tools, there is always a need for an upgrade. This does not have to be done all at once, but you start from one thing at a time. This is easy if you leave your oculos thug life out of your shopping cart this time and add something from your kitchen tool list you want. From scooping to measuring, there are a lot of utensils and kitchen gadgets that can change your kitchen game and turn your cooking time into leisure. Following are some cool cooking gadgets you need to add to your list.


A bottle loft is a magnetic bottle holder which saves space in your fridge. These are also known as storage strips and can help you in the suspension of six-pack bottles all from the ceiling of your refrigerator so that the rest of the items in the fridge are not disturbed.

Automatic Jar Opener

The Automatic Jar Opener is one of the top gadgets because of the difficulty that every one of us experience when opening jar lids. Now you can push a button, and the opener adjusts to the cover of the jar and opens it.

Heat Conducting Scoop

Scooping out the perfect scoop of ice-cream can be exhausting because of the freezing temperature, for which you have to wait. The heat conducting scoop is one of the best kitchen gadgets which conduct your body heat to the scoop for easy scooping of ice-cream, even if you have just pulled it out of the freezer.

Onion Chopper

Behold, the Onion Chopper, the tool that we all want. No one likes crying when it comes to cutting onions, so this onion chopper lets you chop up onions straight into your pan or container to avoid any emotional moments.

Snap On Strainer

The Snap-On strainer attaches directly to your container or pot so that you can pour the excess water or liquid away. It is especially useful for boiling purposes.

Smart Pot Stirrer

The intelligent pot stirrer is one of your must-have kitchen gadgets! Now you can get rid of standing over the pot to stir the gravy or any food. It is easily adjustable to different sizes of containers.

Pancake batter dispenser

Pancakes are hardly ever even in size. Why? Because they are hard to equal from spoons when pouring into the pan. The pancake batter dispenser keeps your batter pouring in control so now you can get the flat portions of pancakes you always wanted.

Olive and cherry pitter

Pitting is one of the least favourite things for every cook. But eating organic things are healthy, so things like cherries need to be pitted to eat. For this, you can now use a pitter. It punches cherries and olives, so you can get rid of the pits without being annoyed. It also comes in handy when you are making large portions. This saves your time and energy.