June 16, 2019
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Health Insurance

We all pay our taxes, or at least we should all be paying our taxes, and as a part of the taxes, we pay into the NHS/National Health Service. You can view this contribution on your wage slip as NI or national insurance.  And for this monthly contribution, we have access to medical care or health insurance; a socialized medical care programme that began shortly after WW II.

It all is so easy and very clean for us; we work, we pay our taxes, we get health care. The same situation is in Canada. People can protect themselves and their families with the means of safeguarding lives. It is possible to cover any possible risks and even do this with 3-in-1 life. Also, if you have not heard yet, cannabis is legal in Canada. It is allowed to use Indica, watermelon haze, pink death, zed strain etc., for medicinal purposes there.

There are other countries, such as America, where there is no formal medical or health insurance provided by the government; at least not yet in America.  And in those countries, you need to take out health insurance, which pays should you need to see a doctor or if you are in an accident or take ill.  Many health insurance policies can be provided by an employer as they can get better rates due to it being a large group policy. But the individual still has to pay something towards the premiums an also may have a co-pay or an amount they need to pay each time they see a doctor or are treated.

There is private health insurance in the UK, and many people use it as opposed to the NHS.  They still have to pay their taxes and contribute to the NI, but they can use private insurance if they choose. Of course, they pay for this private insurance and the premiums for such a policy can vary according to many factors.

In some instances and for some things private health insurance does serve a purpose, especially for elective or cosmetic procedures.  But again, you do pay for this insurance.

So how can you keep the premiums reasonable for private health insurance, there are a few things you can do.