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Marketing Mistakes

Video marketing is fundamentally changing the approach to advertising and communications. It dictates new rules for businesses. Video has become more and more popular every day. Marketers consider video as the most useful promotion channel. However, you can get the expected result and shoot an explosive video only if you do everything right. You need to understand that the Internet allows you to erase the boundaries and unite many completely different people. It means that the video should be universal. For this reason, many people apply for help to video production services.

What are the biggest marketing mistakes in the creation of video products?

Many advertisers want to tell in a video about the history and values of the company, introduce the team, and present the product. However, this is one of the most common video mistakes. In such a case, the user simply forgets about the video because the information is too much. The main task of such a marketing tool is to tell people about the main benefits of the proposed products or services.

Plenty of people, after watching videos forget the name of the company. Nevertheless, there are many products, and the company is one. It is essential that the viewer links the video with your brand while watching. For this, it is not necessary to continually talk about yourself. You need to work on the visual concept of recognition. Use elements of corporate identity. It can be a logo, brand fonts, or colors. Be creative to be remembered and recognized.

One of the most popular marketing mistakes is the creation of a very long and boring video. Keep in mind that brevity is the trend of video marketing. The average duration should not exceed 90 seconds. So do not be afraid of making short videos.

Today, video quality plays an important role both in attracting users and in optimizing. This applies not only to resolution but also to sound and editing in general.

Besides, one of the biggest mistakes is the absence of promotion. If the lack of optimization can be forgiven, then the lack of promotion is a fatal mistake that can reduce all your efforts to zero. Keep in mind that active promotion of video will increase your brand awareness and the number of views.

Do not worth to limit your company by two or three videos. You should create video content on an ongoing basis. Determine the optimal frequency of the appearance of the videos and try to stick to it. In such a way, you teach users to expect interesting videos from you.

The main task of such a video is to attract the client. Your video should be perfect in all settings. Creating videos requires an investment of time, and sometimes money. So do not save resources.